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"After many years of Rugby injuries and chronic migraines, I was lucky to find the best Sports injury therapist in the country. Jeanette always gets quickly to the root cause of the injury and makes the therapy work quickly. It is unusual to visit more than a couple of times to fix the problem. I had regular massage around my neck to solve my migraine problems where other therapists had always failed. I cannot recommend Jeanette highly enough"      Steve  Gregory : Corporate Sales @ Ansaback; 24/7/365 Outsource Contact Centre  - October 2013

"I had a recurring shoulder problem which was getting progressively worse and more painful. I consulted my GP, was referred to a "specialist" who recommended surgery. Thankfully before I went "under the knife" I got a second opinion from Jeannette who proceeded to resolve the problem without a knife. She is brilliant!"      Brian Gibbons : Owner and motivational speaker,motivational management trainer at Focus Motivation Ltd        - August 2011

"Jeanette's expertise and Knowledge is excellent I came to her through a networking event we both attended and after seeking 'advise' about my back from the best in the county it was Jeanette who got to the heart of the problem in about 10 minutes had I known about her before my journey through the medical field I would have visited her first before spending a lot of money else where! I can guarantee she will be honest about what she can achieve, and will always insist that you refer to your doctor first, one thing I can assure you of that no gain was made without a little pain! I have referred numerous people all who have been delighted with the results do not hesitate to have a consultation you will be very pleased you did!"      Jane Sumner : Image Consultant, Branding consultant  - November 2010

"I had been experiencing considerable pain in my hand for a number of years and trips to the doctor had been inconclusive. Jeanette diagnosed my problem immediately, and was able to treat it (albeit painfully) in just 2 sessions. She has also given me exercises to prevent the injury from re-occuring. I have now been just about pain free for several months. Fantastic!"    Sarah Hodgkins : Mural Artist, Facilitator, Trainer and Networker       -  September 2009

"After suffering a fall and fracturing my spine 18months ago, I have had ongoing problems including a painful shoulder which flared up last October. The Three Shires Hospital referred me to a reputable physio who I have been seeing regularly and after 15 months of treatment on my spine and 6 months of treatment on my shoulder, the physio had still not found the root cause and both were still causing me immernse pain despite the strong pain killers I have been on ever since the fall. I recently visited Jeanette anon the first appointment she was able to locate the problem: I had dislocated my shoulder in the fall and it had reset itself in an incorrect position. She was then able to start to treat my shoulder problem immediately and myself and my husband were extremely impressed when she told us where the apin was and why it ware there! I have since seen her for a second appointment and she has freed up my shoulder no end which has immensely relieved the pain in my shoulder and the pressure on my back and has referredme back to a consultant for an MRI scan on my spine. I cannot recommendJeanette highly enough, and have already sent my father to her to be 'sorted out' and will be sending my hubby in due course. The relief to have someone who is able to tell you immediately what the problem is, describe the symptoms to you and then start to teat the actual problem rather than just the symptoms is immense. Although we still might have a way to go, I have absoloute faith in Jeanette and her teatments and woul like to recommend her services and thank her for all her valued help so far."      Shelly  -  Advantage  Northampton

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