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About The Clinic

Jeanette Buswell


Jeanette is qualified sports injury specialist and proprietor. Her qualifications are: 

  • Dip S.T.

  • Dip P.T

  • N.R.P.T.T

  • F.H.T.

  • P.A.C.T

  • I.I.H.H.T.


She is registered with the FHT ( The Federation of Holistic Therapists). She has been working as a sports injury specialist for over 15 years. With many successful treatments and happy clients. 

What Drives Us

We pride ourselves on saving you time and money by determining the root cause of your pain or injury. Our clients are always amazed at the results we give and how quickly the treatments take effect. If we can help you in two treatments rather than ten, you will be saving time and money, but also you will be able to get back on to your normal sports, home and work life much sooner.

Sports medicine encompasses the following elements:


  • Preparation and Training -  This includes instruction in training methods, technique, dietary requirements, the abusive effects of drugs, alcohol and doping as a whole, as well as psychological preparations for competition.


  • The Prevention of injuries in sport depends on being well prepared, but also on appropriate clothing and protection, good equipment, sensible rules, adequate facilities, regular health controls and so on.


  • Diagnosis and Treatment of injuries are the main bulk of orthopedic sport medicine. A correct diagnosis is a requirement for successful treatment. Serious acute injuries are generally treated adequately in the emergency departments. The sub acute and chronic injuries present more of a problem to the coach, the trainer or the sport injury specialist. Injuries such as those from overuse of the tendon and bones, as well as larger injuries are often difficult to diagnose and treat, and they are not always well understood.​


  • Rehabilitation and return to sport often require teamwork involving the sport injury specialist, the trainer and the athlete. Injuries heal at varying paces depending on what type of tissue is involved, but also on the severity and location. if the rehabilitation is to be successful, it is edge of the healing process in the different tissues and also be familiar with the demands of the sports concerned.

Finally sport injury medicine is a discipline involving many different medical specialists. The sports injury specialist can be an orthopedic or one of many specialists, However at the Willow Tree Clinic our specialist Jeanette is trained is all aspects of sports medicine. 

Willow Tree Clinic Treatment


We offer free consultations and out - of - hours opening times.


Our services include:

  • Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation.

  • Ultra Sound and Musculoskeletal Scanning

  • Scar Tissue Removal

  • Nerve Pain

  • Whiplash

  • Frozen Shoulder

  • Muscle Tendon and Cartilage injuries

  • Gait Analysis

  • Weight Management Programs

  • Podiatry and Orthotics 

  • Nutrition and Sports Nutrition

  • Swedish Massage and lymph drainage massage

  • Sports Professional deep tissue massage

  • Health and Safety Training Courses

  • Physiotherapy

  • Neuromuscular treatment

  • Osteoarthritis and Osteoperosis treatment

  • Impingement and other associated nerve pain

  • Sciatica and back disorders

  • Manipulation

  • Tendinitis all kinds 



Other Individual Companies that work in our Building:

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Counseling

  • Cognitive Therapy & NLP

  • Personal Training

  • Occupational Health etc.


Please contact them separately for appointments.


The comfortable and well- appointed clinic is conveniently situated in an elegant five- story Victorian building in a prime location in Northampton town center, close to the General Hospital.

Information about the Company & Our Policies


Appointments for The Willow Tree Clinic can be made by phone, text, email or on-line using our contact us page. You will receive a confirmation text upon booking, with a further reminder text before your appointment. 


The Willow Tree Clinic operates by appointment only, we always try our best to arrange an appointment that is best for our clients especially when you require an emergency appointment. We operate out of our clinic based in the centre of Northampton town, opposite St Giles Church; just down from Northampton General Hospital. There is on street parking for up to 1 hour outside the building, however there are multi - storey car parks located in the town within eaasy walking distance of the clinic.




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