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Lumbar Spine Pain

Clinical exmaintaion shows the great pre ponderance of lumbar (back) disorders are attributable to disc lessions. Often this can cause pain down the leg and neurological deficit.



At the neck and mid back levels, treatment is fairly simple and can be manipulated. However at the lower lumbar spine, treatment may require manipulation traction, epidural local anaesthesia or a corset. The correct response to each case depends not only on the examination but also on the clients history. Only a small proportion of cases go to operation.

Sports Injury Information

Sports activities are a regular way of life now and can be for any age group, not just the sporting professionals. Many of the injuries we see are the cause of overuse, such as golfers and tennis elbow, tendinitis, back and joint pain. A lot of the time inadequate warm up and cool downs are the most common factors. However genetics, poor gait and posture can also cause many deeper seated complaints. Adequate footware, equipment should also be assessed.




Young people can be the most vulnerable as their bodies are still growing, and unfortunately not enough is known by many parents and schools to ensure injuries can be prevented. This is why it is important to get your FREE gait and posture alignment.



Sports activities are a reqular way of life for many of us now, and involve people from across all age groups from those who have an avid interest to those who just wish to keep fit; from the elite professional to the casual participant.


Many of the injuries are the results of overuse. i.e. playing too hard and too often. e.g. tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, and biceps tendinitis, or from not warming up prperly beforehand or from not warming down after exercise.


Sometimes incorrect equipment can lead to injuries - ill-fitting footware cn cause hip, knee and foot injuries (e.g. Achilles injuries).


Reduced joint fleibility will affect the degree of performance and may result in injury if the player is unaware that they can not perform to the same level as they used to, for example golfers who cannot turn at the waist as well as they used to, and the enthusiastic older footballer whose knees do not bend as well as they once did.


Young people especially are vulnerable in sport as their growing bodies are often expected to perform to high standards and are putting exceptional physical demands on themselves.


The good news is that although sport injuries are common, those who are fit tend to recover more quickly and easily from their injuries.


Remeber when doing injury care prevention.

  • Begin slowly and build up, espically after an injury.

  • Warm up first and then warm down with stretches afterwards.

  • Drink plenty of water when exercising 

  • Exercise regularly, and try to alternate the types of exercise that you are doing every day.

  • Followering a joint injury apply ice to the area for 10 minuites, every hour if practical. Apply a banage to compress the tissues. Elevate and rest if possible.

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